Welcome to the Seventh Street Daycare.

Childcare that promotes the development of strengths, abilities and skills that children and families require for success and health in our community.

The ultimate goal of the Lakeshore Community Childcare Centre is to meet the needs of growing children. Using a play based, child centered program, we nurture self esteem and develop independence, enabling children to reach their full potential.

Our commitment to quality childcare will be realized through a partnership of our families, our childcare staff, our Board of Directors and our community. An effective partnership between the parents and staff enhances the quality of care. Thus, the active participation of parents is welcomed.

We will realize this commitment through:

  • qualified, professional staff
  • high quality, consistent care
  • partnership with our diverse community
  • safe, clean, and healthy environment
  • emphasis on self discipline, cooperation and independence
  • respect for individuals and their needs
  • stimulating, creative learning experiences that nurture the child’s developmental needs

Lisa Tjernstrom RECE, ECE.C
Lakeshore Community Childcare Centre

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